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Internet marketing consulting fees

Internet Marketing Consulting Fees
Web Designing Fees Web Designing Fees
Hosting Package Prices Hosting Package Prices
Domain name registration fees Domain Name Registration Fees
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Contact us for free right now Contact Us for Free Right Now is committed to give you the best quality, personalized service at the most reasonable prices. The fees below are only a sample describing our most requested services.

With the rapid increase in Web-related value added services, it is hardly surprising that consumers are both confused and disenchanted with the lack of price clarity from the service providers. Our philosophy is to talk straight. We will give you a clear idea of how much you expect to pay, in hopes to serve you for years to come.

While we acknowledge that it is sometimes difficult to provide you with an exact estimate for every service before we discuss your individual needs, we feel it is only fair to provide you with a sample of our fees.

For more detailed and specialized designing and Internet Marketing consulting fees, please contact us. You will always get a quick, if not immediate response.

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Internet Marketing Consulting Fees 

Internet Marketing Consulting Fees

More on Internet Marketing consulting services

When contracting an Internet Marketing consultant, you should clearly specify what your needs and expectations are from the beginning. Unlike most consulting agencies, will provide you a comprehensive time line, and the most accurate projected fee for your particular project. Ultimately, however, our marketing services will be judged on your cyberspace success. Hence, consider our services an investment for your future.

Marketing Consulting Fees

Consulting Type

Services Include:

Rate °°

Thorough marketing evaluation of business
Domain Name selection and registration
Meta Tag keywords and description recommendations
Strategic search engine registration by hand
Copy writing of web pages (up to 400 words per page)
Seamlessly integrating marketing strategy with Internet Tools (i.e., CGI programs appropriate for your organization)
Internet strategy marketing plan (with timelines and action items)
Final Marketing recommendation report and presentation

 US$80/hour + traveling expenses and per diem
Please contact us.

Retainer services
Same as above, plus
Web site maintenance and improvement
Site traffic analysis
Ongoing search engine registration by hand
PR and media insertions
Direct e-mail campaigns and mailing lists (listservs)
E-commerce solutions (merchant accounts, shopping carts, etc)
Database upkeeping

Please contact us.

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Hosting Packages' Prices 

Web Designing Fees

More on Web Designing

We design with marketing in mind. Period. Our main interest is in advising you on the best designing techniques for marketing purposes. It is not always imperative to design the most aesthetically beautiful, technically advanced site. Your designing needs will depend on your target audience.

That is why we never design page templates, but rather build you a site from scratch. Your company or organization ought to be unique, and so should be the image you reflect to those you wish to reflect it. Also, web designing is not only image, but also back-end functionality, ease of navigation and usability and overall uniformity.

If you only wish to provide information (i.e., an e-Brochure), you may want to try our Standard Page design services. We only charge you per page and integrate the design with your current marketing material (i.e., your logo or other printed material).

However, we invite you to explore the wonderful world of Internet marketing by integrating your web design with online functionality, such as Customer Relationship Management tools, communications on-the-fly techniques and other fascinating marketing concepts included in your design. For that, you may wish to hire our hourly services. For a specific quote, please contact us, and we will provide you an accurate timetable.

Web Designing Fees

Type of Design

Standard Page Design*
US$100 per page
Customized Site Design
US$60 per hour

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Hosting Packages' Prices 

Hosting Packages' Prices

More on our Web Hosting services

Our web hosting packages were designed to help you market your product, service or idea online. While there are hundreds of hosting companies, what differentiates us is that we include hosting features geared to improve your Internet marketing objectives.

We have four packages to meet your business needs, but upgrading your packages as your needs grow is completely hassle-free. We never charge you for activating, downgrading, or upgrading your hosting accounts. And we give you a 30-day, no-questions-asked guarantee.

Remember, rather than selling you a commodity, we provide hosting services in order to provide you with hosting solutions for your marketing efforts. We know that if you host your business or organization with us, sooner or later you will want to market your site more effectively. And we will be here to help you.

For more technical information about our web hosting packages, please click here.

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Hosting Packages

Monthly Rate
Web Site Maintenance
1 Free/year 
2 Free/year
3 Free/year
4 Free/year
Hosting Set Up Fee
Search Engine Registration 
10 Free once °
10 Free twice°
10 Free thrice°
10 Free four times°

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Domain Name Registration Fees 

Domain Name Registration Fees

More on Domain Name Registration

Choosing a Domain Name should not be left to chances or the first thing that comes your way. This is a key decision. As part of our Marketing Consulting, Designing and Hosting services, can help you strategically choose your Domain, as long that it is still available. Please contact our Marketing Group for a free consultation about the many techniques to choose the appropriate domain name.

If, on the other hand, you are unequivocal about the name(s) you want and have checked its (their) availability, but just do not want to bother with the registration process, we can take care of that as well.

Domain Name Registration Fees

Form of Registration

Registration with Hosting ¥
US$30 per year
Registration without Hosting ¥
US$35 per year
Country-specific Domain ¥
US$5 + country fee/yr.
Domain Pointer**
US$15 once/domain

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* Standard Design Features include a maximum of 1 graphic, 1 table, 1 picture, unlimited internal and external links, and up to 400 words of text per page OR one Form with 10 fields maximum. All items must be provided by the client.
¥ We charge US$30 per year for TLD registration (.com, .net, .org) when you host your site with us, including strategic name selection from a marketing point of view. InterNIC, an organization of web registries, used to charge everyone $70 for two years, and $35 per year thereafter for each Domain Name with a .com, .net, or .org termination. If you want a country-specific Domain (i.e., in Australia), the in-country regitrars have different rates. We will notify you of the exact rate on a case by case basis. We only charge a US$5 surcharge on top of the country-specific fee to arrange for the registration. Please contact us.

Click here to view a list the 10 free search engines and directories included in the Hosting price. All registrations will be done manually in each engine.

°° The marketing consulting project-based rate is a standard fee. Other fees may apply. For more information and a free consultation, please contact our marketing group.
** You can have as many domain names as you wish pointing towards another one. For example, if you own the domains and, and you are currently hosting with us, then for a one-time US$15, you can have point towards your hosted site. Visitors will type either domain in their browsers and will reach the exact same page.

NOTE: All prices in US Dollars. You may also choose to pay for your hosting annually. Designing fees are payable at 50% upon job request and 50% upon completion. Marketing Consulting fees will be agreed upon on an individual basis with the client.

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