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Designing Prices and Options 

Designing Prices and Options

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Designing prices and options

Designing Prices and Options
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If you have done any research regarding Web designing prices, surely you have come across some widely different cost estimates. And we at understand the frustration.

Because we pride ourselves in talking straight to you, we felt it imperative to get a few facts out of the way from the outset:

  1. Professional web designing is not cheap.
    The old cliché "you get what you pay for" holds true in this case. We will provide you an accurate estimate based on real-life experiences for either number of hours or number of pages you may need. We are open to suggestions and always listen to your web site needs.

  2. Web designing is not just esthetics but also planning.
    Some web designers have wonderful creative talent. Your site may become unique and esthetically pleasant to view. But the most astonishingly looking site will serve no purpose if it takes too long to download, or if your visitors are unable to find the information rapidly, for instance.

    We estimate that planning and analysis of your particular needs may contribute to about 20% of the cost for web designing. Looks are important, but so is functionality.

If you are on a shoestring budget try doing it yourself the first time. But keep us in mind as you realize how truly complex a professional web designing project may turn out to be.

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Web Page Design Price Options   Glossary of Internet terms
Option Price Comments
Standard Page Design
per page

Includes a maximum of:

1 graphic (i.e. your logo, a background image)
1 table
1 picture
Unlimited internal and external links
Up to 400 words of text per page


1 contact form with 10 fields
1 graphic
1 picture
Unlimited internal and external links

Please provide us all your graphics, pictures, tables and text in electronic form.
Extra Graphics
 per graphic 
Adding logos, banners, menu buttons, animations, separators, etc. This ONLY includes adding the graphic to a Standard Design Page, NOT designing the graphic. For designing graphics please contact us. Price is per each extra graphic item.
Extra Table(s)
per table
Adding text-matrix tables to include information. Price is per each extra table.
Extra Picture(s)
 per picture
Adding still pictures or thumb nails in compressed format (i.e., .gif or .jpg). This ONLY includes adding the picture to a Standard Design Page, NOT retouching or manipulating the picture. For retouching still pictures please contact us. Price is per each extra picture.
Extra Form Fields(s)
per field
Adding fields to be included in a submit form (i.e., a contact us form). This ONLY includes adding fields to a Standard Design Page, NOT programming the form. For programming forms (i.e., to receive completed forms in you e-mail), please purcahse Form Programming below. Price is per extra field.
Extra Word(s)
per word
Adding extra words to a Standard Design Page. This ONLY includes adding words to a Standard Design Page, NOT copy-writing. For copy-writing your web pages, please contact us. Price is per extra word.
Custom-made Pages
per hour
To order, please fill out our Inquiry form, or send us an e-mail
Web Programming
per hour
This allows your web page to become dynamic. Programming is what allows you to interact with your visitors, accept credit card payments, outomatically maintain databases, etc. Please contact us for a quote.

NOTE: All prices in US Dollars. Designing fees are payable at 50% upon job request and 50% upon completion.

Click here for our Inquiry & Order Form For a personalized quote, or for any additional questions you may have regarding your Web site designing project, please click here to go to our Designing Inquiry Form.

Design Software adn Languages Utilized Design Software and Languages Utilized Glossary of Internet terms

Adobe GoLive, Adobe LiveMotion, Macromedia DreamWeaver, Macromedia Flash, Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Premier, AceFTP (for uploading and maintenance), MySQL (for Stats and Databases), JavaScript, Perl/CGI, PHP, CSS, SSI.

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