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A key feature of Internet Marketing is to have your website ranked in the top 10, 20, or 30 returns in all of the major search engines and directories under a keyword search that relates most to your business. Chances are that you have already utilized search engines in the past. Typically, you type in the words that you think will return what you are looking for. The engines will then list all the pages or sites that correspond to the word(s) you requested.

Think of Search Engines as virtual yellow pages. You can be as general or as specific as you would like. The more specific about your particular business, however, the easiest it is for people to find you. If you have a shoe shop, we won't just register you as shoes, or you will be in the company of hundreds, maybe thousands of similar web sites. We will use plastic children's shoes, if that's what you produce.

By preempting what people around the world will type in a search engine to find your web site, it is important to be in the surfer's shoes and ask yourself, "what would I type in if I wanted to find my site?" Those words are included in each of your site's pages into keyword meta tags.

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Meta Tag Writing: There are ways to accomplish a top listing in the search engines and directories, but unfortunately some are either very short-lived, or unethical, such as creating duplicate (mirror) pages, using hidden keywords, or spamming your website. These methods go against the guidelines that the major engines have set forth, and your site could be dropped altogether from their indices. will write the appropriate keywords and description for your market niche. In order to do this, we need to work closely with you, the client, to understand where you want to be positioned in the marketplace.


Free Search Engine Registration: Now that your meta tags are written and included in your web site, it needs to be registered in the search engines. The best, although not the only way to tell the world about your site is to market it via the Internet Search Engines (and Directories). These are Internet sites themselves where 90% of Internet users go to when searching a site they are after.

Click to view top 10 search engines There are over 1000 search engines and directories in the Internet today. However, about 95% of search engine users utilize only about 10 of them. When we host your site, we include registration to the top ten search engines free of charge once, twice, three, or four times a year, depending on your hosting plan.

Every top engine is different from each other in how they index your website. Our unique method of writing meta tags adheres to all the top engines guidelines, while giving you optimum chances of achieving top placement. Make no mistake, however, that no one can guarantee you top ranking on search engines. But writing the appropriate meta tags and titles to your pages is paramount to accomplishing higher traffic on your site.

  Manual Search Engine Registration: Unlike many meta tag submitters, registers your pages manually, that is, one at a time to each of the ten most important engines. There are several free sites which help you register your pages to several engines at a time. However, research shows that many engines dislike automated submission services, and you may be penalized in the ranking if you use such services.

Click to view top 10 search engines
Click to view the top 10 search engines in the world as measured by number of unique visitors
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