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Extra graphics design characteristics

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Price per graphic
US$ 10.00
Included in Price
Adding the graphic to a Standard Design Page
Designing of graphics is charged at $US65/hr.
For designing graphics please contact us
Price is per each extra graphic item added
Accepted graphics
Compuserve (GIF - static & animation)
Amiga (IFF)
BitMap (BMP/RLE)
Photoshop (PSD/PDD/EPS/PDF)
Filmstrip (FLM)
FlashPix (FPX)
Koda Photo CD (PCD)
Zsoft Paitbrush (PCX)
Pict File (PCT/PIC)
Raw File Format (RAW)
SciTex Continious (SCT)
Truevision Targa (TGA/VDA)
Taged Image File (TIF)
Macromedia Flash (SWF)
Sound files (WAV/AU)
Uploaded graphics
Where to send graphics
Sample graphics
Sample Button  Sample Graphic
Type of uses
Menu buttons
Navigation links
Paragraph separators
Page background images
Advertising banners
Animated displays
Multimedia features
Legal disclaimer
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