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Carlos Canales Official Web SiteCarlos Canales, a well-known voice-over artist, had three main requirements. The first one was to supply his voice-over work in different formats to his corporate clients. The second was to introduce himself to prospective clients. And the third requirement was to allow site visitors to easily test different voice-over demos and to have a simple way for clients to request recordings online.
CorpImages.Net programmed a simple web-based interface for Carlos to create folders for different clients and to easily upload the finished audio files. Clients may then download the files at any time and as often as they wish from anywhere in the world. Visitors my browse his site and quickly download audio demos in several "reading categories" and then request an online audition complete with text uploads in any chosen format and reading requirements through a simple online form. Face-to-face interaction is now an option, rather than a necessity.
Carlos has increase his client portfolio and the site has enabled him to interact with clients without being present for the recordings, thereby saving clients money and increasing his market competitiveness. Click here to view site

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