Mexican Tourism Investment Exchange 2001

MTIE 2001Fonatur, Mexico's National Tourism Board, through subcontractors in Mexico City and Washington, DC, needed a self-populated data base in which interested parties could sign up for the yearly trade show. However, for fiscal reasons, participants and exhibitors who resided within Mexico could not pay through a credit card online, but could sign up for the event within the site. Those residing overseas were allowed to pay and register online. Furthermore, organizing administrators required to have the ability to manually edit entry forms online, as well as to review payment status in real-time whereas within Mexico or overseas.
    Solution developed the entire site layout, graphic design, and organizational flow chart, with the assistance of Fonatur's subcontractor, TDI Corporation. The Database interface was developed to provide an easy and secure (through password protected directories and SSL encryption) administrative area. Administrators in Mexico City and Washington, DC, may modify any participant's fields in real-time, as well as to verify current registrant's payment status. All credit card payment is verified in real-time and it is automatically inputted within the data base.
Event subscription is expected to double from previous year, and about half are expected to register from overseas. Click here to view site

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