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Salas Konfort, S.A de C.V.In the competitive world of e-commerce furniture sites, Konfort needed an attractive site that reflected its company image and target audience: young, newly married professionals. The company needed to complement its client database for its direct mail campaigns and catalog mail-outs. Naturally, it also wanted to take advantage of the Internet to sell its products online, while at the same time up keeping its inventory records once a piece of furniture was sold. And finally, it needed to emulate its highly praised customer service on its new sites by interacting with current and prospective customers.
CorpImages.Net designed a site from the ground up, complete with a new company Logo and image to reflect its intended target audience, and a new domain name. The site enables visitors to find any piece of furniture or information on the site via two different and attractive menu options, as well as a sophisticated and self-updating internal search engine. In addition to the standard e-commerce shopping cart found throughout the Internet,'s product database updates itself once a furniture piece is bough on- or off-line, thereby seamlessly integrating the brick and mortar operation with the virtual one. To maintain its excellent reputation for customer service, CorpImages.Net recommended and implemented an eCRM tool to communicate in real-time with customers, maintaining records of repeated conversations throughout all sales channels, and providing informal service questionnaires to improve service and quality control.
The sophisticated back-end infrastructure has enabled Konfort to integrate its on-line and off-line databases and improved customer service, while attractive a more desirable client base. Click here to view site

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