Regional Infrastructure Integration in South America

Regional Infrastructure Integration in South AmericaThree multilateral Latin American organizations joined forces to promote regional economic and commercial integration. A key component of the newly created entity was to disseminate a number of technical documents describing the objectives of the organization and the different integration plans through a web interface and media contacts. The site needed to be created in three languages, English, Spanish and Portuguese
    Solution first developed a portal page to direct users to the appropriate language site. Given the complexity of the many online documents and the difference in Internet access speed between the US and Latin America, most documents were migrated in at least three format files for download and browser viewing (.txt, .html and .pdf formats). In addition, the entire feel and look needed to permit visitors to find information from different sources, hence developing submenus, and drop-down links to the main sub-sections of the site. A printable option for each page was also proposed and implemented.
No major glitches have been reported and the site has been utilized primarily for board meetings and presentations. Click here to view site

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