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Key Internet Marketing Tips 

Key Internet Marketing Tips

We hope that the tips below assist you in developing a better and more coherent Internet Marketing strategy for your business or organization, even if you opt to go on your own. Please enjoy with our compliments!

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 Domain Names Domain Names:

Choose your Domain Name wisely. An easy-to-remember name that somehow describes what you do will allow visitors to find you easier

In addition to your main Domain, try to register other value-added Domains, such as your Tag Line Domain
 Meta Tags Meta Tags:

The title and description meta tags are of crucial importance. When your page appears in a list of search engine results, the user is only likely to visit your site if the title describes exactly what they are looking for. Some search engines also display the description, which can influence the user

Meta tags alone cannot get you a high search engine ranking. The body (or text) of the page must be rich in keywords (the words utilized by web surfers to find sites)

The density of a keyword, in relation to the size of the page, is very important in getting a high ranking for that keyword
 Engine Registration Engine Registration:

It is NOT recommended to submit a site to search engines over and over. Once your URL (your web site address) has been submitted, the search engine will remember that URL and re-index it at regular intervals. In fact, some search engines may penalize for submitting too often. Only submit once every couple of months

The search engines will give preference to keywords located on the first few lines of the page
Don't use swear words or pornographic terms. The search engines will penalize for this

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 Site Design Site Design:

Make your site attractive, appealing, uniform, and easy to navigate and follow

Get users to come back to your site by providing useful information and other incentives

Update your content frequently
 Banner exchanges and other alliances Banner exchanges and other alliances:

Get lots of other sites to link to your site. The search engines have more respect for sites that have many other sites linking to them

Partner up with complementing web sites by linking to them and sharing business information (not customers!)
 General Marketing General Marketing:

Be prepared to provide good customer service. Others will

This is a global marketplace, do not loose sight of your competition no matter how far ahead you think you are

Research your market periodically, you will be surprised how quickly customers' attitudes change

Innovate, look beyond the obvious, and take calculated risks

And finally, NEVER rely exclusively on your web site for all your marketing needs. The internet is an important tool, but not a marketing panacea

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