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Programming your web site has the sole objective of making your marketing job easier, not more difficult. By including small computer programs into our host server for your web site, you will be able to interact with your visitors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may compile their feedback or provide them with information tailored to their own needs without you having to do more effort. This is why the Internet has revolutionized e-commerce and research to the extend it has.

However, because we believe that how you interact with your site visitors is DIRECTLY related to your marketing strategy, we only provide web site programming during consulting contracts. If you are exclusively looking for web site programmers, please click here for links to excellent sources of free CGI sites. We are interested in your successful marketing application of these programs, not just in developing them.

As part of our consulting services, we will not only tailor-write these programming tools, but we will advise you and teach you, in plain English, how to apply them. Examples of useful marketing programs are:

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Feedback forms

Voting forms

Database capture and manipulation

Shopping carts

Real time credit card processing

Internal search engines

Real time private chat rooms

All of our web site programs are written in the Perl language (which we feel is more flexible and easily manipulated for your needs), and intended to run on our Unix hosting servers.

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Click here for links to free CGI sites. Remember, these scripts are primarily for programmers.
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For a free initial marketing consultation with no obligation, please contact us through our On-line Communications Center.

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