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About Our Consulting Services 

About Our Consulting Services

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About our consulting services

About Our Consulting Services
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If what you are looking for is to streamline and integrate your current marketing strategy with the Internet, we can develop a complete marketing plan tailored to your specific needs.'s plan will include a final, detailed recommendation paper and a time-honored implementation program.

We realize that it's easy to get confused and frustrated about Internet technologies. And it can be even more difficult to use these technologies as effective marketing tools. Do not be concerned. We are in the marketing business, not computer science. We will work with you to understand the issues you are facing and identify solutions and strategies to help your business or organization succeed. will speak in your language, no fancy terminology!

In order to better assess your needs, we need to learn about your organization and your goals. Be wary of those who offer you overnight marketing solutions. Adjusting, or creating your marketing strategy takes planning, and therefore time. While working with you, expect us to ask many questions, including:

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How do you compare to the competition?

What are you doing today to increase sales and brand awareness?

How can your customers reach you today?

What kind of customer service are you providing to your clients and/or suppliers today?

How much is fulfillment (delivering your products or services) costing you?

Does your organization need to capture customer feedback/comments?

Do you want to provide easy access to large amounts of information?

Are you tracking and leveraging detailed customer and/or supplier statistics?

Have you contemplated the benefits and pitfalls of a web presence?

Do you think you need a true Internet strategy (not just a website)?

Besides having a website, what other marketing tools do you have at your disposal?

Are you using the right technologies and interactive tools today?

Have you considered the software and/or personnel you may need for creating and/or managing your website?

Are you ready and willing to integrate your internet marketing tools with your current, overall marketing strategy?

Contact us for free right now For a free initial marketing consultation with no obligation, please contact us through our On-line Communications Center.

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