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Network, Hardware & Technical Info

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Our Network is "OnNet" with Frontier Global Center (FGC) in the US, which means that we have a direct fiber optic connection between our Cisco 7200 router and theirs. Being OnNet with a Tier-1 provider means that we don't link to a backbone, we are actually on a backbone. We have no phone circuit, and do not use a Telecom link to get to the Internet; instead, we have an in-house connection directly to FGC's ATM fiber node. This fiber optic line can handle the bandwidth of a T3 or an OC3, and with FGC's Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology, it can handle several times the bandwidth of an OC3.

Hardware and System Information
CPU: Pentium Pro; Ethernet Connection: 100 Base T; Web Server: Apache Version 1.3.4; Operating System: Linux Redhat Version 5.2 (Hurricane), Kernel 2.2.0

Hosting Programs Installed & Configured
MySQL, CGI-email,, CGIWRAP,, HyperNews, MReply, Perl 5.004, PHP/FI 3.0, Imagemap Programs, Fractal Imagers, FutureSplash, TrueSpeech Digital Audio, VivoActive, VocalTec Internet Phone, Infinop's wavelet image compression, MacroMedia's Shockwave, Midi, Sizzler, ToolBook II Instructor, Voxware, Vream, VRML support.

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