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What does it Mean to Register a Domain?

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Domain name registration: a brief explanation

What Does it Mean to Register a Domain?
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Top Level Domains (TLDs) Global Top Level Domains (TLDs - .com, .net, .org)

We can take care of all the "paper work" for you usually in less than 24 hours. We will however, need several pieces of information about you in order to have a smooth registration process. Just select Domain Name Registration from our Service Catalog and that is all there is to it! Once your Domain Name is registered, you will have exclusive rights over that name for at least one years. After that, we will register your Domain once a year automatically, unless you direct us otherwise.

Click to register your Domain Name To register your Domain Name, please click here.
Verify availability of your Domain Name To verify if your Domain Name is still available, please click here.
Country-specific Top Level Domains (TLDs) Country-code Top Level subDomains (ccTLDs)

Country-code Domain Names (i.e., in Australia) may also be registered through us. Please specify the two-lettered, Top Level Domain (TLD) code of the country you want us to register your domain when ordering your domain. If the TLD you want is not listed in the drop down list at the end of the registration process, please include it in the text area. Sometimes we may need additional information from you, such as a fiscal number. In these cases, we will contact you via e-mail or phone.

Some of the ccTLDs we can register for you include uk (for the United Kingdom), ca (for Canada), au (for Australia), za (for South Africa), ie (for Ireland), and hk (for Hong Kong) domains, in addition to just about every other country code domain in the world. would be more than willing to register your Domain in virtually any country and territory in the world, but we highly recommend that you consider registering your Domain with a "Global" termination (i.e., Global Domains are shorter, easier to remember, and typically cost the same or less than country-code Domains. All Domain names, whether they are country-code or not, are visible to everyone and anywhere in the world.

Finally, if you wish to register your Domain Name with a country-code suffix on your own, you may do so by following our instructions here. Please note that the process may be a little long, tedious and difficult to understand.

Register your country-code Domain To register your country-code Domain Name on your own, click here.
Verify availability of your country-specific Domain To verify if your country-specific Domain is still available, click here.

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