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Designing Process 

Designing Process

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By definition, designing implies creativity. However, nowadays, you must also be marketing-minded when designing your site. You see, it will do you little justice to have an esthetically-acclaimed design, when your real marketing purpose is to be practical.

We guarantee that your site will be viewable and funtional from all major platforms, browsers, operating systems and screen resolutions. Click here to find out what your system's specs are. At we are in the business of recommending your web design with marketing in mind.

Do not be fooled whenever you are told the process will be fast. For your designing to make marketing sense, we take pride in discussing your ideas and putting them into virtual format. Typically, this is what you should expect when your site is designed:

A number of phone and e-mail exchanges describing your needs or in some cases we will visit you personally (specially if you are also utilizing our Marketing Consulting services)
The client's short, written proposal of project (also known as the Brief)
Brainstorming of proposal (or Brief) via phone and/or email preliminary submission of design
Client approval of preliminary design submission final presentation
Client approval of final presentation
After client's approval, site's beta testing begins (technical tests, consumer feedback, etc.)
Final adjustments and design touch-ups, consistent with beta testing findings
Site goes live and it is ready for marketing

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Design Software Utilized Design Software Utilized Glossary of Internet terms

Adobe PageMill, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft FrontPage, SoftQuad HoTMetal, JascSoftware Paint Shop Pro, Adobe PhotoShop, Micrografx Picture Publisher, Macromedia Flash, Adobe Acrobat, LivePix Deluxe, Adobe Premier, LeapFTP and WS FTP Pro (for uploading and maintenance), Microsoft Access (for Stats and Databases), HTML text, JavaScript, Perl/CGI and Java.

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